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Alpha2 Desktop(WPF) and Win8

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Released: Feb 23, 2013
Updated: Feb 24, 2013 by billchiles
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Application sgfeditor-release-build-alpha2-v0.72
application, 92K, uploaded Feb 24, 2013 - 14 downloads

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Application sgfeditor-win8-release-build-alpha2-v0.72
application, 187K, uploaded Feb 24, 2013 - 10 downloads
Source Code sgfeditor-source-alpha2-v0.72
source code, 2217K, uploaded Feb 24, 2013 - 8 downloads

Release Notes

This release includes sources for the python version (though it is falling pretty far behind the C# version in terms of functionality and bug fixes), C# WPF desktop version, and the C# WinRT/Win8 version. There is a binary for WPF and a .appx for win8, but you must have a dev license to use the appx to unlock your win8 machine which you can only get by opening a win8 project in Visual Studio. There is a free versio of Visual Studio Express for Win8 development.

Since the last release, 26 JAN -- all functional changes in both C# versions
* cleaned up several little things in the code/comments
* disbling UI while parsing file on open command and displaying game
* added "title" bar under command buttons to see file name and current move number
* fixed letter adornments to have background so that board lines do not go through the letters
* set preferred launch of win8 version to be landscape
* removed some old python files never meant to be checked in
* implemented jumping to a move by clicking on game tree
* fixed current game tree node highlighting
* fixed bug where end key and end button didn't behave the same
* fixed bug in gotolastmove so that it calls UpdateTitle
* fixed game tree drawing bug
* removed some uses of 'dynamic'
* added letters and numerals to board display for referencing intersections
* implemented win8 snapped view (requirement of store compliance)
* fixed bug in python version
* game tree now fully works with Move and ParsedNode (rendered moves and moves just parsed)
* added scrollable help dialog since win8 msgbox doesn't handle help string
* implemented my own debug.assert due to win8 bug
* added size change handler to board to keep it square on win8 devices
* fixed writegame to set filename and not deref null in some cases
* fixed branch combo label alignment with stackpanel
* fixed jumping in game tree to save comments, restore destination move comments
* added some margin padding to right board index labels so the feel less squished
* fixed writegame to test for letter adornments grid hack workaround for win8 background
* fixed writegame/parsedgamefromgame to store new parsedgame since we re-use parsednodes
* fixed parsednode handling in pasting moves
* centered title in title bar
* fixed bug in UpdateParsedGameFromGame to store branch for root
* added integrity checking code on tree view and write game structures
* added lots of stuff to app bar, with some code cleanups
* moved UpdateParsedGameFromGame to be instance method of Game
* tweaked buttons margins to make cmd panel more appealing, figured out button problems
* fixed copy/paste error in scrolling tree view
* added cleaned up icons
* tree view graph is now always active and up to date
* fixed cut bug holding onto dead stones from cut location
* fixed paste bug not checking for dead stones on paste
* disallow paste if cut move conflicts with current stone on board
* fixed moving branches up and down to mark game dirty and update title
* fixed cut/paste to update title
* fixed title to show dirty / saved state of game
* made square and triangle adornments bigger, made triangle lines lighter
* made cut move default to no in confirmation dialog (though pasting is undo)
* updated notes on python version falling behind in terms of features and bug fixes

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